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Game clubs

After a successful pilot club in the spring and a popular summer camp, we are excited to proudly announce the official return of Kajaani's first Minecraft club.

Our primary goal is to promote physical activity and healthy gaming habits among children and youth in the Kainuu Region. However, we have observed that the majority of the children who attended our clubs were already actively involved in sports. Therefore, we have decided to provide more intensive gaming sessions with the aim of fostering a better understanding of healthy gaming habits.

Our goal is to establish collaborations with local sports associations, offering a variety of sports experiences. By doing so, we hope to guide children and youth towards sports and activities they may continue to enjoy in the future.

Our new specialty is English-language Minecraft clubs. We recognize that gaming can be a valuable tool for children and youth to learn English, and we aim to enhance their communication skills. With the assistance of our international coaches, participants will build confidence in using English effectively.

Coming soon!

Fortnite Club

12-15 years

A club designed in collaboration with game educators and e-sports coaches, aimed at laying the foundation for future e-athletes.

The club consists of one 1.5-hour gaming session per week 

Minecraft Clubs

7 - 12 years

The club provides a secure environment for introducing online gaming components.

We focus on teamwork and being respectful. We also talk about healthy gaming habits, like how much time to spend gaming each day and how to improve as a gamer.


7 - 12 years

In our English-speaking club, we emphasise the same aspects as in the Finnish club. Through English communication, we aim to boost the participants' confidence in their communication skills.

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